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Resi-Grid Porous Systems

The Resi-Grid ground stabilisation system is designed for long term use, providing a porous substrate support system which holds earth, grass or gravel. It is suitable for traffic and car parking areas both temporary and permanent, residential driveways, pathways, hard standing areas or any area of ground subject to pedestrian, animal or vehicular traffic with a load bearing capacity up to 350 tons/m2.

One of the main benefits is the reduction of down time and cost when dealing with smaller areas waiting for deliveries of tarmac/concrete on smaller areas. You can have the Grid and materials needed for the installation delivered if needed with your resin bound products from Resin Drives Trade which can also lower the cost of deliveries from multiple places of purchase.

It stops the area from becoming rutted, boggy and slippery which can be dangerous for all means of traffic and stops unsightly conditions occurring. By using Resi-Grid system it greatly enhances the appearance of any area particularly when filled with decorative stone or plant medium for grass or sedum, the design perfect for supporting healthy grass growth within the cell which keeps the finished installation looking good.

Traditional solutions of using concrete, tarmac or block paving may not environmentally friendly and may contribute to the growing problem of urban hot spots and carry the necessity for the implementation of extra drainage systems. The Resi-Grid system  is a porous substrate which retains water for gradual release to the drainage systems and will also absorb heat and reduce the hot spots. This permeable course will significantly reduce heat reflection and help the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

Resi-Grid  is environmentally friendly being manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE which stops valuable resources ending in land-fill sites. It is also designed to easily join together to form a structure that can handle thermal expansion within itself. The product can be easily cut and laid by DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike as no specialist tools are required, it has excellent laying rates of up to 120m2 per man hour.

Key Benefits of using Resi-Grid –

  • Cost effective solution to traditional surfacing methods such as concrete, tarmac or block paving. • High load bearing capacity up to 350 tons/m2 • Suitable for a wide range of applications • Can be used with a variety of infill materials such as gravel, stones, grass, bark chippings sand and rubber crumb. • Prevents compaction of earth or gravel infill which assists better drainage • Stops dangerous or unsightly conditions occurring. • Fully supports grass growth • Ability to withstand thermal expansion • Environmentally friendly manufactured from 100% recycled materials. • Suitable for use as a slope stabilisation project. • Joins easily together and can be laid by DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike as no special tools are required • Excellent laying rates of up to 100m2 per man hour