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Gravels & Aggregates

The best way to instantly transform any garden, drive, path or pond is by using an aggregate or gravel. You can use the wide range of colours to complement your existing planting and landscaping areas. We have the most extensive range of quality aggregates in the country.

Gardeners can also use these aggregates and gravels as mulches. Used on top of soil they can aid moisture retention in the summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation. Resindrives Trade offer an extensive range of the most popular gravel and stone chippings on the web. The gravels are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes and come either in bulk bags or individually sealed 20kg poly bags. The gravel is available in different stone types and we have warnings on each product page when a product isn’t suitable for ponds with the “Not Fish Friendly” icon. With our wide product range you can mix and match our gravel or aggregate with monoliths, boulders, slate chippings and cobbles or pebbles. Use gravel to make a driveway or path. Create a stunning looking garden no matter how large or small your landscaping area, visit our inspiration pages for ideas.