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Resin, Primer and Catalyst

Resin Bound and Resin Bound UVR Surfacing is a resin bound aggregate surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Resin Bound  surfaces are decorative and functional, seamless and slightly flexible. The open matrix allows water to drain through to the base, eliminating water ponding and allowing water to drain to planted areas or land drains. The surfacing may be applied to SuDS compliant bases and sub-bases, reducing the impact of urban development on flood risk and allowing water to flow into water courses. Edgings created from brick, stone, timber or steel should be installed to retain and protect the resin bound surfacing.

Areas of use

  • Footpaths, playgrounds, pool and pond surrounds
  • Patios, terraces and water features
  • Car Parks
  • Driveways
  • Access roads


  • Natural appearance
  • UVR is stable non yellowing resin
  • Recycled aggregates available
  • Highly permeable
  • Slip resistant (when used in conjunction with crushed glass)

A resin bound wearing course offers a number of advantages:

  • There are no loose stones – the decorative aggregate can’t be scattered or kicked about.
  • It’s firmly and permanently bound
  • It’s a full-thickness system, minimum 12mm thick and can be considerably thicker depending on aggregate size and application
  • It has a long lifespan as the resin and the aggregates are specially selected for durability
  • It can be laid very quickly – a 2 man gang can lay 30m² or more per hour and, with good weather conditions, a gang of 5 men would expect to cover 250m² in a single day
  • It can be used to overlay existing ‘tired-looking’ surfaces
  • Unique designs, logos and patterns are easily incorporated
  • There’s a huge choice of aggregates available including rounded or crushed stone and tumbled coloured glass. Aggregates can be ‘blended’ to produce a particular shade or tone as required
  • The finished surface can be  UV stable
  • Once set, the wearing course exhibits some flexibility enabling it to resist cracking
  • It’s wheelchair friendly, making it ideal for DDA schemes

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