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Green Rubber Chippings 20kg


Each 20kg bag would cover 1 square metre at 50mm depth

  • Wire removed and safety approved , certified BS EN 1177
  • Coated for vibrant long lasting colour
  • Up to 600 kg can go on one pallet

Rubber Chipping 

What is it

  • Early years school play surface
  • All year garden play areas
  • Best protection against falls
  • Low cost and low maintenance

How it Works

  • Rubber is light and spreads further
  • Flatten soil and lay over membrane
  • Box in with 2x4inch edging staked down
  • Tip in the Rubber from the bags
  • Dries quick, play in all weathers
  • Polyeurothane colours
  • No muddy footprints in house!
  • Deters to Dogs and Cats

Find your quantity required

1 meter 2 meter 3 meter 4 meter 5 meter
1 meter 20kg 40kg 60kg 80kg 100kg
2 meter 40kg 80kg 120kg 160kg 200kg
3 meter 60kg 120kg 180kg 240kg 300kg
4 meter 80kg 160kg 240kg 320kg 400kg
5 meter 100kg 200kg 300kg 400kg 500kg



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